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Why fundraise for WFP?

Solving hunger is possible, and it only takes a little effort from a lot of

people to make it happen.

Our organization relies solely on voluntary donations from supporters, and that
means that your contributions go directly to help end hunger. Taking fundraising to the grassroots level lets you educate others on how important the fight against hunger is and how they can help!

How we help you fundraise

By creating your own campaign, your fundraising efforts are easier and more effective than ever!

With our easy-to-use system, you can be up and running with your personal campaign in minutes. Use the social media tools to easily reach out to family and friends, telling them why you're fighting hunger and how they can help. Track your progress through your very own goal thermometer and report back to your donors. With our online donation platform, you'll never have to deal with going door to door or collecting change again!

What you can achieve

By fundraising for WFP, you're impacting the lives of real people.

Hungry men, women, and children are receiving nutritious meals every day thanks to donations made through campaigns like yours. Whether you decide to direct your campaign to school meals, emergencies, or simply where WFP needs it the most, the donations you receive will immediately be put to good use. Together, you and your community can change the future for hungry families.

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